Shanghai Jixiang Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.

Aluminum Composite Panel and Aluminum Coil Manufacturer

Jixiang Building Materials Group Company, established in 1995 and re-organized in 2004, is a professional Chinese manufacturer of aluminum composite panel and aluminum coil products. Our primary products include PE and PVDF aluminum composite panel and aluminum coils, mirror and brushed aluminum composite panel and aluminum coils, granite/wood aluminum composite panel and aluminum coils, and more. Featuring excellent resistance to weather, corrosion, and stains, our aluminum composite panels are extensively used for exterior and interior building decorations. We also provide many related products, such as silicone sealants, plastic films, purpose adhesives, and more.

What You Need?
    1. What's your technical advantage on aluminum composite panels?
    2. Aluminium composite panels are also called aluminum plastic composite panels or ACPC. Our company is equipped with a complete set of ACPC production line and advanced production technology. In addition, we adopt surface treated and coated aluminium plates as the surface material of our ACPC, and PP and PE plastics as the core material. Hence, our aluminum composite panels not only retained the primary advantages of raw materials (aluminium and plastic), but also made some improvement based on raw materials. Specifically speaking, our aluminium composite panels feature good resistance to weather, corrosion, impact, fire, damp, heat, and vibration, etc. They are also light weight, and easy to be processed, installed and transported.
    1. How do you control your production cost on aluminum composite panels?
    2. We have powerful production capacity and high production efficiency. We are equipped with a large number of building material production lines. Our ACPC production base, which is equipped with 20 aluminum composite panel production lines, is the largest in China. High production efficiency enables us to reduce our production cost. Meanwhile, our production lines are easy to operate, so a simple operator training is required. This also contributes to reducing our production cost. We also choose reliable local raw material suppliers. Additionally, our location offers us convenient transportation by sea, land and air. Thus, our transportation cost for raw materials is also greatly reduced.
      All aforementioned enables us to provide our aluminum composite panels at reasonable prices.
    1. Do you produce your aluminum composite panels in accordance with environmental requirements?
    2. Of course, YES. Our aluminium plastic composite panels are environmentally friendly and also fireproof, as verified by the National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials.
      Meanwhile, other construction materials of our company, like all purpose adhesives, and etc. are also eco-friendly and fire retardant.
      For example, our aluminum Composite Panel is made from natural material which doesn't contain any radioactive heavy metals or other harmful substances. So they have also passed the tests of the National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials.
      If you are looking for eco-friendly building materials, Jixiang Building Materials Group Company is your best choice.

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to consistently providing high quality, low cost aluminum composite panels, aluminum coils, and related products. One way we accomplish this is by staying abreast of the latest production technologies from Europe and America. We also utilize production equipment and testing instruments from Japan and Germany to ensure product quality. As a result of our efforts, our aluminum composite panel and aluminum coils now lead the international standard and have passed the tests of the National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials, proving to be eco-friendly and fire resistant. In addition, in 2005, we received the honor of Chinese National AAA Level Building Manufacturer and Supplier. Customers around the world can feel secure in using our products, as everything we manufacture is strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System standards, and has received ISO9001:2008 certification.

Due to our large production capacity and convenient transportation, our production costs are greatly reduced. Additionally, easy access to low cost labor, quick access to information, and raw materials acquired from reliable local suppliers all contribute to lowering our product cost. As a result of the high quality and low price of our fireproof aluminum composite panels, brush finished aluminum composite panel, and aluminum coils, they are popular in international markets. For example, our decorative construction materials have been widely used in Russia, Middle-Asia, Middle-East, Indonesia, Singapore, South America, and more.